Looking back in style

Reflecting on the styles of 2019, there has been a lot of popularity in abstract designs, which are always very personal; perfect for the individual. In-frame furniture has made a popular comeback. The stunning, timeless style, now being finished in bold, vibrant colours which add that modern twist and bring it into the 21st century. New appliances throughout the industry have been released, the introduction of updated technology helping to make the life of its users easier with elegant modern appliances from hob, fridges, to more personalised appliances, like coffee machines, plate warmers and much more.


wall bed furniture

Modern Drop-down Bed

A new feature we introduced for 2019 is the introduction of drop down wallbed mechanisms. We are now able to implement these systems into a variety of our furniture styles, keeping them out of site until they are required. A great solution to the smaller rooms that double up as a guest room now and then. Examples of wall beds being used within our projects are available to see on our projects page.


Slate Grey Inframe Shaker Kitchen

Traditional kictehns for modern homes

Another very popular feature of 2019, has been the revival of In-frame kitchens which Danmar have handcrafted in a number of styles for a variety of homes both big and small. It has become apparent there is a move towards a simpler In-frame style, with slimmed down door profiles and less of the intricate detailing that is usually linked with the traditional cabinetry. The benefits of an in-frame kitchen are that even with a traditionally made piece of furniture, it is so bespoke that it can be tailored to suit any style. We work closely with a range of distinguished hardware manufacturers including Armac Martin and Ged Kennett and Croft & Assinder to ensure Danmar’s furniture is always dressed with the most up to date accessories.


Bora Classic Extractor Hob Kent

New appliances - new styles

Danmar are able to work with most clients budgets and requirements. Whilst ensuring all furniture is made to the same quality and high standards, they are able to offer a range of appliance brands from entry level to high end, ensuring all customers needs are taken care of. Brands from Gaggenau, Miele, Siemens, Bosch, AEG, Caple, Bora & Quooker are all available to integrate into Danmars furniture. Earlier in the year we saw the highly anticipated release of the Quooker cube, available as a retrofit piece to all Flex and Fusion taps, providing the addition of chilled and sparkling water. New finished were also introducted, and we look forward to seeing the new Matt Black Finish available to order January 2020.


Croft and Asssinder handles Kent

New Door Dressings

Out with the old and in with the new! Over the last few years, copper has been a colour of demand. This is now being put to one side, with the increasing popularity of black accessories taking over. Matt black handles create a beautiful contrast against lighter furniture colours. As well as complimenting dark furniture, in particular dark greys, and stained woods. Blums introduction of its Black Onyx fixtures & fittings made cabinetry internals sexy again. Whilst brands such as Armac Martin have made their range of handles now available in a matt black finish. It also appears function is taking over from form when it comes to accessories. With an emphasis on simpler, smaller designs rather than the more ornate styles some brands are known for.

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