Years of experience means that Danmar is ready, willing and able to design a kitchen suitable for users with specific physical needs, who may be less able. We will listen to what our client wants from their kitchen and how it can be adapted to make life easier. Every individual will have specific needs and Danmar’s bespoke, tailor-made furniture can be effortlessly adapted for any and all users, whether in a wheelchair or just not as mobile as they used to be.

Disabled Accessible Kitchen Kent

bespoke rise-and-fall units

Kitchens normally have rigid worktop and cupboard heights that may not suit wheelchair users or people below average height. Because Danmar makes everything how you want it in its own workshops, there are no ‘standard’ sizes. This bespoke approach means we can include worktop layouts of any height so that you can get your wheelchair underneath. Today’s motorised rise-and-fall units for sinks and hobs also mean that wheelchair users can easily tackle all food prep and cooking tasks in comfort and safety. Units can also be fitted with adjustable feet so that they can be changed to suit any change in the user’s needs.

Inclusive Pull Down Shelving Kent

accessible appliances

But it’s not just worktop heights that matter. Danmar can also make sure it is easy for those less able to move freely and easily around the kitchen. Rather than stack appliances out of reach, it is a simple matter to organise them in a row, at the right height. Arranging the worktop prep areas, sink, oven, fridge, microwave and coffee maker all at the same height, in a linear arrangement, with a worktop always underneath, means that hot or heavy items can be moved around more easily and safely.

Wheelchair Accessible Pull Out Worktop Kent

surestop water stopcock tap

Where there are sharp knives, hot pans and plates, there is always a risk of mishaps, but Danmar can use its years of experience to make sure that poor design or layout doesn’t heighten the risks. Minimising the distance things have to be carried and keeping everything at sensible heights helps. We can also add ‘resting trays’ underneath an oven so that once hot or heavy items are taken out, they can be set down straight away without having to be carried around the kitchen. These can also be used for any final prepping of a dish prior to placing in the oven. And in the event of a water leak, Danmar can even install a Sure Stop system to make it easier to turn off the water supply to prevent any damage to floors and kitchen carcasses.

Bespoke Pull Down Cabinet Units Kent

safety in design

Danmar will also make sure that appliances are sited so as to be fully accessible to less able users. We will make sure they are placed at the ideal height – not too high and not too low. We will also consider the location of controls on a hob and make sure that they can easily be reached. Induction is our preference – they are safer, more energy-efficient and there is no risk of getting hands or clothing burnt on an open flame or hotplate, as only the pan gets hot, not the hob. We also fit side-opening ovens that allow users in wheelchairs to gain proper access, as they can get much closer to the appliance when the door is not in the way. It also makes it easier to get a good grip of any heavy dishes as they are placed inside or removed.

Rise & Fall Worktop Kent

adjustable units

As Danmar makes everything in its own workshops, cabinets will always be tailored in every way to an individual’s needs. If a standard cabinet is too tall, we can make it lower. Wall units too can be placed at the right height, while modern rise-and-fall units can lower themselves to the right height for the user to be able to see and get at what is inside. They can then return to their original, higher position if there are able-bodied or taller individuals also using the kitchen. We also use hinges that allow doors to open wider, making access even easier. And the overall design can be fully customised to make sure there is enough room for wheelchair users to move around unimpeded.

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