Keep your drinks at the perfect temperature with the addition of a drinks fridge in your kitchen. Whether it be red or white wine, or even beer there are models to suit all. Unlike mini fridges, drinks fridges are designed to maintain a constant temperature to keep the drink at its upmost quality. Before buying one of these fridges though, there are a number of things to ask yourself; firstly, how many bottles do you want to store? Do you want to store a mix of both red and white wine, in which case a dual zone fridge will be required. Do you want to be able to accommodate larger bottles such as champagne?


caple in column wine fridge

Why use a wine cooler?

Wine fridges provide reliability and guarantee preservation to serve the perfect glass of red or white wine, at its correct temperature. This is due to the fridge maintaining a steady, constant temperature with a tolerance of less than one degree, keeping the wine at its required temperature. Wine can also be damaged by the vibrations from other refrigeration units while a wine fridge is designed in a way that reduces the level of movement during storage.

What temperature should a wine fridge be at?

The serving temperature of wine is regularly overlooked. However the serving temperature is an important and crucial part to unlocking the full flavour and aromas of a wine. It is important to remember that each wine has an ideal serving temperature and one temperature is not suitable for all. The perfect drinking temperature for Red Wine is 12˚C - 18˚C, while White Wine is suited to a temperature of between 8˚C - 12˚C and Champagne / Dessert Wine between 5˚C - 7˚C. Red wine should be uncorked and decanted at least 30-60 minutes prior to serving. White wine is best served cold, always try to keep White Wine chilled while serving.

Choosing the right wine fridge?

Wine chillers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any sized room. From a small undercounter chiller, to a tall freestanding, or in-column option. The smallest chiller will hold around 7 bottles of wine, while the larger, tall chillers have a capacity of up to 100 bottles, including storage tray specially for keeping magnum sized bottles of champagne. Whether you want to keep it beneath a worktop, on show in a centre island, built into a larder or just freestanding somewhere outside the kitchen, there are options to suit all eventualities.

The following models are all tried and tested by our clients at Danmar Kitchens & Interiors:


caple in column wine fridge

Caple In-Column Dual Zone Wine Cabinet

"The Caple Sense WC6410 is a dual zone in-column wine cabinet which can hold up to 21 bottles of 750ml wine bottles across three sliding beech shelves and a base shelf" - Capale. This integrated Caple wine cooler has a black finish, with a black door made from toughened UV protected glass. For maintaining the right atmosphere, an internal fan circulates cool air around the drinks fridge at a set temperature between 5 and 18 degrees Celsius, being dual zone you can store both red and white simultaneously. A warning alarm is included to alert users if the fridge is left open. With an energy efficiency rating of A, its perfect for the more Eco-friendly wine drinker. Caple products are also available as freestanding, should you wish to retrofit one to an existing kitchen without the need for any additional furniture.


gaggenau stainless steel drinks fridge kent

gaggenau wine climate cabinet - 200 series

"The wine climate cabinets are the perfect environment to store and present a wine collection with the dimmable presentation light. Exceptional engineering has gone into making the compartment virtually vibration-free and the cushioned door closing system ensures you do not disturb your remaining collection" - Gaggenau. Gaggenau has created a wine cooler aimed towards the aspiring connoisseur. Their entire range of climate cabinets have been made using materials designed to have no effect on the drinks aroma or taste. Even the internal air passes through activated charcoal filters, catching unwanted smells and impurities. Like Caple, Gaggenau also offers dual controlled climate zones. Up to 80 bottles can be stored on solid, untreated beech and aluminium trays. These frides definitely add the WOW factor to any room.


thin column wine cabinet kent

sub-zero integrated wine storage

"Sub-Zero wine preservation protects against the four enemies of wine: heat, humidity, light and vibration. Available in several sizes, the units have up to three independent preservation zones, so you can store all your wines in one convenient system." - Sub-Zero. The ICBIW-18 (shown in image above) has two independent storage and temperature zones meaning you can have one at ready to serve temperature and the other zone at cellar temperature. Available as a freestanding undercounter fridge as well as a larger in-column appliance. The addition of microprocessor control to Sub-Zero products means they can maintain temperature to within 0.5C of your presets. Direct sun light can cause premature ageing in wines. To get round this, UV-resistant glass panel filters have been fitted. A quiet compressor leaves wine undisturbed as vibrations can affect the taste of some delicate wines. The ICBIW-18 integrated wine storage unit has capacity for 59 bottles across 15 pullout shelves for easy access.


wine drinks fridge Kent

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